Mil-Spec Motec Motorsport Wiring Harness

Whether you already have a wiring harness designed, or require us to design and build your wiring harness, we ensure you get the highest quality harness, delivered on-time at a competitive price.

Designed For Your Application

Using experience gathered from designing motorsport wiring harnesses for formulae all over the globe for two decades, we ensure that you get the harness you actually require, advising on all aspects of the harness throughout the design stage.

Built To The Highest Quality

The quality of the wiring harness is critical to ensuring your car, bike, aeroplane, boat or UAV continues to function as expected. All our wiring harnesses have quality built in from the outset, from the design phase, through production and test & inspection.

Wiring Services

“Service Loops” are used on Mil-Spec / Deutsch Autosport circular connectors for wire sizes 16 AWG to 30 AWG. The purpose is to provide strain relief to the wire termination and to provide a surplus length for repair purposes. It is not an aircraft procedure per se and is only used in military and motorsport applications.

Specifically designed for motorsport.