The Best First Aid Kits for Motorsports Safety.

Life threatening situations happen unexpectedly and in a flash.  From daily life routines, to racing on the track, to pit support incidents… accidents happen fast!  Rarely in motorsports do we hear discussions among team members regarding trauma support for their own drivers and team mates.  Rarely do we see teams carrying the necessary first aid, life supporting, medical equipment needed for crucial, time sensitive intervention should an incident arise.  At Fischer Motorsports, we believe strongly in personal responsibility.  We love paramedics, and know that they are usually at the track, but that they are sometimes far away when seconds count immensely.  There is usually some soft of fire support near racetracks, yet teams still carry fire suppression equipment, and so we believe all members of the motorsport’s community should think of and make sure that their team is also prepared for medical emergencies.  You never know when an event will occur, or how bad it will be, and it is always better to have the essential medical tools right there beside you, then to rely on an ambulance and its crew that is minutes or more away.  This is why we teamed up with MyMedic.  High quality solutions in multiple sizes with capability to support an individual up to a full team.  We highly recommend having the gear for self-reliance even if you aren’t sure how to use it, as others around you may know and be able to help if you have the tools to do so.  We, obviously, also support and push all team members to obtain basic trauma intervention training and knowledge.  This is an area that needs to be stepped up in the motorsport’s community.  Thank you for considering Fischer Motorsports for helping to supply you and or your team