The RaceGrade Ethernet Switch is a ruggedized four port 10/100 Ethernet switch. An Ethernet switch can be used to connect multiple Ethernet devices to a single easy to reach connection port. Common uses would include a digital dash, ECU, telemetry modem, or other Ethernet devices. The water resistant Ethernet switch has four activity lights that blink with data communication on the corresponding port. Lights also flash twice on power up. Each port has a rubber plug that must be replaced when the port is not in use to keep water out of the connector. Waster resistant, or standard ethernet cables will connect and function with this device. In order for the device to be water resistant, the two connectors that come with the switch must be used. Water resistant cables may be ordered in 6 ft lengths. These feature a water resistant connector on one end and flying lead on the other. This allows the user to integrate it into an existing harness.