The RaceGrade 4G LTE Cellular Gateway system provides real time telemetry data from a vehicle to base station. It uses Verizon’s 4G cellular network to provide data coverage at any venue with cellular coverage. International venues are supported with an alternate SIM card that supports other networks. The gateway provides fast update rates to allow accurate data while simplifying trackside setup by utilizing smaller antennas and eliminating the necessity of repeaters. The gateways come preconfigured to work seamlessly upon power up.

Custom configurations can be implemented with an upgrade. The gateway connections are all on the top surface to improve flexibility in mounting arrangement. The case is water resistant and features 3 antenna connections and an Autosport connector for signals and supplies. Continuous device uptime during transient voltage operation, such as power cycling or starting the vehicle, is achieved via an internal super-capacitor system.

This complete kit includes the following:

  • (2) RaceGrade 4G LTE Cellular Gateway Radios
  • (1) RaceGrade 4G LTE Car Kit
  • (1) RaceGrade 4G LTE Pit Kit
Note: It is suggested that gateway be mounted on soft Velcro or some other form of vibration isolation.