MoTeC M130 Kawasaki ZX-14 2012-15 Gen II Plug-In ECU Kit


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M130 Logging Upgrades *

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Advances in technology have increased the demands on a vehicle’s components, especially the ECU. This demand has reached the point where a single firmware to ECU configuration cannot meet the market’s ECU requirements (even with increased capacity and processor speed).

The M1 series was conceived by MoTeC to overcome this one-to-one, firmware to ECU limitation, by designing a system where operational efficiency, advanced features and flexibility are its primary objectives. At its core, M1 provides the ability to develop a suite of flexible and tailored solutions (packages), making it ideal for any application (however complex) and category management.

Key advantages to the new M1 solutions are:

  • Latest generation high performance processor
  • Large logging memory, fast Ethernet downloads
  • Compact and lightweight in robust magnesium enclosure
  • Supports direct injection and port injection applications
  • Supports advanced logging features including Pro Analysis (i2 Pro)
  • Advanced security system, incorporating an anti-tampering microprocessor
  • Access log-in levels for multiple users


The MoTeC M130 Plug-n-Play ECU Kit is a fully programmable, direct replacement for the factory ECU. No rewiring necessary; the adapter kit plugs into the factory wiring harness using the original sensors, fuel system and coils. All essential functions are maintained, with optional factory dash display information.

Key Features

  • Manual/Automatic Shifting
  • Progressive Nitrous
  • Boost Control
  • Lambda Control (AFR)
  • Data Logging
  • Chassis Sensors
  • Knock Sensor
  • Closed-loop fueling for automatic corrections
  • Spare connectors for expansion and customization

Upgrade Options

  • Data Logging Level 2
  • Data Logging Level 3
  • Pro Analysis (i2 Pro)

Technical Support

MoTeC’s professional, race-grade electronics are sophisticated and therefore it is highly recommended that installation is performed by a professional installer.  It is NOT advised for the average installer.  An advanced understanding of electrical systems is necessary.  Fischer Motorsports will support all sales and also offers professional grade wiring harnesses and installation services for all applications.  We have 10+ years of professional race experience based upon MoTeC control and specialize in Power train, Chassis, Drivetrain, and Data programming both at our facilities, onsite customer dyno/track support, or even remote support.  Please remember that if you cannot find the time or finances to do the job right the first time, you will ultimately end up looking for time or funds to do it over again.  Select us or find a qualified installer, it will ultimately increase your results and minimize future expenses or downtime related to improper setup or installation.

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