The M84 is a versatile, race-bred ECU that is suitable for a broad range of high performance applications, including engines with up to 8 cylinders. It also suits rotary engines with twin, triple or quad rotors.

This new, entry level ECU is based on the advanced technology in MoTeC’s benchmark M800, with a package of features to suit more moderate system requirements. It includes on-board Wideband Lambda plus 512 kB of data logging memory as standard.

Install it as a stand-alone ECU or as part of a complete motorsport-ready engine management and data acquisition solution.


•8 x Injector outputs – high or low resistance
•6 x Ignition outputs
•8 x Auxiliary outputs – for functions such as boost control, idle speed stepper motor and many more

•Throttle Position
•Manifold Pressure
•Mass Air Flow
•Fuel Pressure
•Oil Pressure
•Exhaust Temperature
•Gear Position
•User 1
•Air Temperature
•Coolant Temperature
•User 2
•3 x Switched Analogue Temperature
•2 x Lambda Inputs (supports Wideband and Narrowband sensors)
•4 x Digital Inputs (wheel speed or switch)

•1 x CAN
•1 x RS232

•Case size 147 x 105 x 40 mm
•Weight 500 grams
•1 x 34 pin and 1 x 26 pin waterproof connector with gold plated contacts