Tilton Engineering 6000-Series Hydraulic Release Bearings


Tilton’s 6000-Series hydraulic release bearings (also known as hydraulic throwout bearings or concentric slave cylinders) feature race-proven Tilton reliability for the street.

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Tilton’s 6000-Series hydraulic release bearings (also known as hydraulic throwout bearings or concentric slave cylinders) feature race-proven Tilton reliability for the street. These hydraulic release bearings have been designed for ease of installation and maximum reliability, at a very competitive price. 6000-Series hydraulic release bearings are designed to mount onto the transmission input shaft bearing retainer, and are compatible with a variety of transmission types:

  • Ford Tremec TKO/500/600
  • Ford T-5
  • Toploader (1 1/16″ x 10 input shaft)
  • Tremec T56/Magnum (Except for Tremec P/N TUET11010)
  • Ford Tremec Magnum (P/N TUET11010)
  • GM Tremec TKO/500/600
  • GM Saginaw
  • GM T-5
  • and more.

Watch the following video to learn about properly installing your 6000-Series HRB, as well as setting the clutch clearance:

Check out the video below, which shows the benefits of the 6000-Series on Two Guys Garage:


Versatile and Adjustable

6000-Series hydraulic release bearings features a stainless steel threaded bearing retainer-mount sleeve that offers nearly 1.25″ of adjustability, enabling use with most 8.5″ – 10.5″ bent-finger diaphragm type clutches. Also available is the Universal HRB, which allows you to select the bearing size that best suits the clutch diameter in your application.

Popular and Universal Applications

Available for most popular transmission models and adaptable for custom fitments, 6000-Series hydraulic release bearings are the solution for serious enthusiasts. Part numbers are listed for those applications (universal models are also available).

Stainless Steel braided hose

This unique bearing includes pre-attached, rotatable stainless steel braided lines with AN-4 female connectors.

Superior lightweight aluminum construction

Tilton HRBs are designed, machined, assembled and checked by Quality Control at Tilton’s headquarters before they are approved and shipped. By using the highest quality materials, combined with the latest machining methods, our designs can be light, strong, and provide race-proven results, time and time again.

Proprietary low-friction surface treatments

Using the latest technologies, Tilton HRBs are treated with a durable, low-friction coating, created specifically for our use on HRBs. This coating aids in the long-wearing durability and high-performance they are known for.

Unique monoseal technology

For proper seal tension, Tilton has created a unique multi-edged quad-tension seal, to ensure consistent feel, long term wearability, and lasting reliability. Seals have been tested to hundreds of thousands of actuations without failure, which is why this technology is built into every Tilton HRB.

Wiper-seal debris prevention

The resilient orange seal is your guard against unwanted HRB bore damage.

Smooth and reliable high-quality bearings

Using the highest quality components, Tilton bearings are tested extensively for long life durability.

Constant contact design

Coupling high-quality, durable bearings with a constant contact design, your system is always ready to engage.


As your clutch wears, Tilton HRBs compensate to maintain the same pedal feel, shift after shift.


ApplicationFord Tremec TKO/500/600, Toploader (1 1/16″ x 10 input shaft), Ford T5/Tremec T56 Magnum (TUET11010/TUET11011), Tremec T56 Magnum (Except for Tremec P/N TUET11010/TUET11011), Chevy SB/BB V8 with Tremec TKO/500/600, Chevy LS/LT Engines with Tremec TKO/500/600, GM T-5, Universal
Clutch Type (Contact Diameter)8.5″ – 11″ clutches (1.71″ – 3.03″ Flat-face), 5.5″ – 8.5″ clutches (52mm Radius-face), 5.5″ – 7.25″ clutches (44mm Radius-face), 4.5″ – 5.5″ clutches (38mm Radius-face)