2000hp @FischerMotorsports Ford GT Supercharger Charger System

by FM

Highly custom, non-conventional, supercharger system for elevated horsepower levels. Engineered to maintain the jaw-dropping torque response of a screw supercharger system, while mitigating the drivability issues and heat associated with large screw compressors that degrade performance and reliability.

Large frame turbos will produce even more power, but we did not want the reduction of torque response associated with turbo lag . Non-throttled supercharger system (note no throttles in inlet tract before blower). Suck through cable throttle is removed / replaced with a blow through drive by wire throttle body.

FM external 2000hp air/liquid intercooler. Three wastegates on the back of Intercooler are blow off valves, one is a boost control valve allowing boost control by gear and engine speed, with the ability to run boost compensation tables for anything imaginable.

FM MoTeC engine management and data system. FM Ford GT M1 software package integrating MoTeC M150, PDM15, E816, EGT8, Lambda Modules, and M&W CDI ignition. Precise control over – fuel, ignition, launch control, traction control, boost control, cruise control, upstream injection, nitrous, flex fuel, etc

  • FM Hot Water Bypass kit
  • FM sheet-metal transmission cross member/ice water tank
  • FM billet fuel rails
  • FM racing mechanical fuel pump kit
  • FM crank case breather
  • FM 321SS exhaust system
  • FM 4 disk Tilton carbon-carbon clutch kit

We are a high-end boutique builder, designing and working with the best parts available to build high end, unique systems. If you have a project in mind that you want built to a similar or higher level, contact FM today to get started!

Special thanks to @Pepperyandell