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MoTeC Engine Management System

MoTeC Products

MoTeC offer a range of high quality electronic systems suitable for all forms of motor racing. Specializing in Engine Management and Data Acquisition Systems.

Mil-Spec Wiring and Connectors

The quality of the wiring harness is critical to ensuring your car, bike, aeroplane, boat or UAV continues to function as expected. All our wiring harnesses have quality built in from the outset, from the design phase, through production and test & inspection.

View Our Projects

View our past and current projects, make sure to follow us on Instagram @fischermotorsports. We are always posting interesting builds and concepts.

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Project Videos

See our awesome YouTube project videos.

“Fast is relative… Just because someone is going “Fast” relative to everyone else, doesn’t mean that their car or their class is anywhere near its potential.”

― Shawn Fischer

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